Miguel’s Imports- home to delightful sleeping Mexicans and more.

So in the spirit of shopping locally, here are photos from Miguel’s Imports  located in central Austin.  I bought my new tall raspberry pot at Miguel’s after shopping around at a few local nurseries; their prices were the best and their selection is impressive if not daunting.

An agave sun-dial shows the time…plus the weather forecast.

These green pots with their mottled pattern and the groovy hollowed tree planter were favorites of mine.

Giant hand-grenade planters, anyone?

Terra cotta is actually what I intended to buy, and they carry a wide selection, from classical to modern forms.  This photo shows only about a third of the terra cotta area.

Miguel’s nursery has mostly cacti and succulents that are also competitively priced.  I bought a trio of Agave parryi truncata.

These were large- maybe 3′ tall. What a great focal point for drama and ambiance.

This photo does not do these foot tall black clay bats justice.  They are cool.

BONUS:  Miguel’s has a healthy 50% off area….which is how I came to purchase a raspberry pot instead of terra cotta.

In the right setting….I love, love, love a classic “sleeping Mexican”….

….such as in the foyer of this Spanish Colonial home, the set for the Meg Ryan movie “Hanging Up”; more on this fabulous house can be found at the Hooked on Houses blog.

From the Laguna Dirt blog– Sleeping Mexicans used as bookends…

But,  I digress….back to Miguel’s Imports~  my photos show a small sample of their stock located on Burnet Rd. near the North Loop cross street.   It’s huge, locally owned, and the staff was very friendly and helpful to me.