Bloom Day~ look, then look closer

An Indiana garden blogger, Carol of  May Dreams Gardens, hosts a “Bloom Day” each month and invites bloggers everywhere to share what’s blooming in their gardens; this is my first time to take part, and I’m a day late in posting. 

Taking time to look….then look closer…..was time well spent for me~  thank you, Carol, for the inspiration and invitation!


A look (above) at a mixed container with tall Russian Sage Mexican bush sage /Salvia leucantha.  I like the natural upright, leggy look of it – this container isn’t showy, but I appreciate its honesty.

A closer look at the fuzzy pods.

A look at the super hardy Red Yucca….actually in the Agave family I read recently at 

A closer look at the forming bloom.

A look at the Heartleaf Ice Plant~ just again blooming in November after September’s serious chomping by a deer; a pointy agave now stands guard next to this pot to detere deer.

 I didn’t include all my blooms – like the 5′ and still showy Mexican Petunias or the still going strong Plumbago.  They’ll surely not be blooming for the next Bloom Day in December, but then again….around here one never knows.