It’s fall and I’m freezing

I’m eager to plant and create and enjoy in my gardens, but it’s difficult to decide on what to actually plant and where.    I am frozen in indecision, annoyed with my lack of knowledge and newly dissatisfied with my home’s lot.  Oh, and I want to move half of the fourty plantings put in just a short month ago. 

When designing, it’s necessary to consider the task with a critical eye, right?  What are the issues and limitations?  I have this initial step down pat, I can see what is not working – lately this is ALL I see- the slopes, the hungry deer, the view of the neighbor’s driveway and on and on.   This is where I’m stuck; I don’t have the tools to solve the problem; such as (A) I don’t have an inventory of solutions to consider because I’m an utter novice at gardening (and dare I say, landscape design), and  (B)  I don’t have an inspiration or clear vision to drive the process. 

I fancy myself a problem solver, an idea person, and if NOTHING else- a girl with a vision….and definately a DIYer.    In my garden currently, I find myself tugging at a new collar of confusion and  scratching at this itchy cloak of cluelessness I wear.   Urrrhh!

On the other hand, I was driving through a neighborhood (which also has a lot of deer) looking for inspiration – and realized that I can increasingly identify the more common plants and shrubs.   So I have this going for me;  I’m picking up the language – I can essentially ask where the bathroom is and say hello in a stiff formal way.

I AM very grateful for the sunset view from my front garden. 

Gazing beyond my neighbor’s driveway…..

Oh, and this cyberspace  nugget grabbed my attention~

Fertilizing plants makes them more tempting to deer-  (“Like seasoning?” my hubby asked)  especially nitrogen I read.   Really?!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirley
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 15:07:22

    Beautiful sunset view Cyndi. Bunny cam is a great way to get to know your landscape.

    A courtyard fence is a good solution and it’s common in my neighborhood as a defense against deer browsing. Some questions to consider are how often you use the front walk and if it would be a hassle going in and out the gate several times a day.

    Fertilizing creates new shoots and deer prefer the tender green shoots. Kind of like selecting snow peas at the market, you pick the youngest ones.

    I’d recommend waiting at least until spring to move your new plantings around. Going lawnless doesn’t mean you have to cover every inch with lawn substitute. Observe for a while.

    You’re on the right track by understanding what you don’t yet know. Narrow down your inspiration pics and post them here to invite assistance from your fans.


  2. Robin
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 04:35:21

    wow, you are doing some gorgeous things with the Gulf Muhly and the boulders in your previous post. I like your perspective on the Mosh Pit, too. I know what you mean about moving everything; every fall I rearrange the garden just like I would my living room. I’ve already rearranged over 40 plants in October (ok, about half of those were dead and they were rearranged into the compost pile). I’ll move anything if I can get a shovel under it. Not always successfully, I might add. But go for it! If you don’t like where it is, move it before it gets too attached to its spot. And I used to have a vision – when I started, I wanted everything in my front yard to bloom either yellow or purple. Now I just want it to survive, I don’t care about specifics anymore. Glad you are joining the group!


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